segunda-feira, 23 de janeiro de 2017

Four wonderful meetings
By Pedro Borges 
Jornal O Guarany's Chief-Editor

Last Saturday, (January 21st) I met a nice couple, Anna and Norris Womersley, he, an English citizen, she, a Polish lady. They came to Cachoeira to visit Michel. She has been Michel’s friend since childhood in Poland. Anna had not seen Michel for 50 years. The couple, both admittedly nice, full of life, is anointed with the power of problem solution. We had lunch twice, Saturday and today, (23/01/2017), Monday, at Pousada do Convento’s Restaurant. They took Michel with us with the aim of making him more cheerful, although he is a permanent prankster. He seems not to be worried with the sequels that the stroke caused in his body and in his speech. 

There were four lovely meetings, two at A Casa dos Velhos  and two at the restaurant. Anna, by her high-powered cell phone, put Michel’s relatives and friends in Poland to talk to him for minutes and minutes. I hypnotized him, putting him into a simple trance, with the light sleep technique, with which he came to sing loud and audible in his mother tongue, "happy birthday to you" and the "Polish National Anthem" accompanied by his compatriot Anna. The communication in form of melodies was held at Pousada do Convento’s restaurant, but it was watched by Michel's friends, in Poland, in real time, that is to say, at the same time.

Earlier, the above mentioned couple visited O Jornal O Guarany’s News Room, where they could hear a general presentation on the projects developed by Professor Pedro Borges' Organizations, whose enterprise includes the Polycenter Language Institute and the Guarany Newspaper.

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