quarta-feira, 15 de março de 2017


It happened in Cachoeira/Bahia

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Today, at 12h30, I took Michal to have lunch with me, accompanied by my daughter Indira and the wheelchair conductor, Alder Peixoto, invited by me to take him to the Maktub Restaurant, downtown Cachoeira. At the restaurant, we ordered different dishes: meat, chicken together with regional culinary delicacies. Michal preferred to have a cold beer, for me, my daughter and the wheelchair conductor, some coke. We talked a lot, all of us were impressed with Michal’s ability to utter his speech. Words and phrases he was unable to utter before, today, he could express them easily. We enjoyed the food a lot. Michal was admittedly happy.

Here are some flashes of us at Maktub Restaurant
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